The Tyrant

In the largest, most profitably places city (aptly called the Capitol), resides the entrance to the palace of the Tyrant. The Tyrant is the absolute ruler of the kingdom in all except one regard: If the lay folk don’t like what is happening, the Tyrant gets offed. Simple as that. The Dark Lord who performs the actual erasure considers it a charitable act for the state.

The current Tyrant is Princess Elina. Her real name is known to those close to her, but it seems more special to the common folk to just call her Princess. As with every government and position of power, rumors abound that she’s part dragon, full doppelganger or even a new breed of vampire. For her part, she has made no attempt to stop or deny the rumors, but the thought line goes; ‘well, the humans didn’t turn out so well, so we’ll let the monsters have a try.’

The government of Alain has little material wealth of it’s own compared to other nations as levying a tax has only ever resulted in a drain on limited resources. Instead, transaction of resources is carried out by House Gould and the Princess has become adept at maneuvering parties looking for each other towards each other at the cost of favors and I.O.U.s. The Princess herself is a well trained individual and has thwarted several assassination attempts of various kinds, building her a reputation in the process. In addition, she is well guarded with a retinue of thoroughly trained knights, Lords, and retainers. Not to mention her Palace being on another dimension, inaccessible without her express permission, or the strength of a deity (or whatever secret the Dark Lord knows).

The duty of the Princess is to see to the running of the state and the balance of the powers possessed by those who play the games, in addition to the continued happiness of her peoples. She does not hold ample or lavish parties, instead inviting herself to those of the aristocratic elite and bringing only token gifts. In return, her birthday, coincidentally, the day she ascended to Tyrant-ship is a national holiday marked with feasting, games and general good spirits. She takes some time before the celebration to tour her domain and stop in with the various outlying regions and cities.

As far as laws and rules, she has been fairly light-handed, as far as Tyrants go, and has only announced some fairly loose Edicts that can be interpreted to suit the needs of those who obey them and were generally considered common-sense in the first place. She is thus considered ‘not bad’ by the general populace as well as the stuffy nobs she regularly puts up with.

An interesting fact, Princess Elina has asked to have Angelic Paragon removed from her suite of daily spells. She claims that while attempting to deal fairly and judiciously with those around her, the spell’s effects continued to try to impart ‘ideals’ upon her.

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The Tyrant

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