Racial Stats

  • +2 Dex, +2 Char, -2 Wis: T’skrang are known for their agility and flamboyant manner, but are sometimes foolhardy or brash.
  • Medium: The average T’skrang is 5’2" to the head, but their head crest gives them another 6 to twelve inches. Not to mention standing on their tails adds several additional feet. As Medium creatures, T’skrang suffer no penalties or benefits to AC, attacks, etc and can use regular sized weapons.
  • Low-Light Vision: Like a dragon, a T’skrang can see four times better than a human in shadowy illumination conditions.
  • Tail: T’skrang have a strong tail that allows them several unique options. The most common T’skrang are river folk and use their tail as an unexpected weapon. As a standard action, the T’skrang can make a melee attack with his tail as a natural weapon at a -2 to hit. A successful hit deals 1D6 damage plus one half of the T’skrang’s strength modifier. This not a natural weapon, but rather a special attack option. By taking the Strong Tail feat, it becomes one. However, other kinds of T’skrang primarily use their tail for other things (see alternative features below).
  • Rearing: A T’skrang can rear up and balance on his tail so as to be standing or sitting much taller. Doing so is a move action that does provoke Attacks of Opportunity. While so raised, a T’skrang gains a +1 height bonus on melee attack rolls, but a -1 AC and Reflex. Dropping back down is a free action, but cannot be preformed in the same turn as rearing. If a T’skrang would be dropped prone, he obviously loses the benefits and consequences of rearing.
  • Bounding: A T’skrang is proficient at leaping and bounding be it by tail or leg on ship or on sea. Thus they gain a +2 to jump checks. Additionally, while reared, a T’skrang gains +5 feet of movement speed when charging, double moving or running in a (nearly) straight line. It is said that some T’skrangs can out run a horse going full speed over moderate distances without magical aid.
  • Draconic Immunities: T’skrang are immune to magical sleep and paralysis effects.
  • Discerning Eye: T’skrang have a touch of magic blood flowing through them and can fair hoarders and mages. A T’skrang gains a +2 racial bonus to one of the following skills at first level: Appraise, Perception, Spellcraft.
  • Languages: A T’skrang automatically starts play knowing Trader’s Tongue and Draconic. Suggested Bonus Languages include Sylvan, Wanderer’s Tongue. Languages

A T’skrang are flamboyant, boastful, daring, proud, draconian blooded humanoids. They have a fine layer of scales that come in a huge variety of hues with infinite combination of dustings and patterns. Their head is adorned with a beautiful head crest that is formed of cartilage and skin webbing.
The average T’skrang stands 5’6" with a head crest that adds several more inches. They weigh 100-200 lbs but their canyon breeds have hollower bones making them even lighter.
Most T’skrang are river folk, building clans on the edge and in the river. The daring, show-boating nature of their kind often lead them to lead grand and exotic lives, whether that be as illegal spice runners, river pirates, circus performers or whatever else.

Alternate Racial Features:

Glider Nestled in the canyons, some T’skrang clans have developed thin membranous webbing along their arms and legs that, when unfurled, allows them to catch air drafts and ride currents. As such, this webbing allows them to glide two squares forward for every square down provided they start from an initial height of at least twenty feet and are capable of spreading their arms and legs.
Additionally, when conscious and capable of full body movement, they can act as if under the effects of feather fall.
While Gliding however, a T’skrang is incapable of making attacks, casting spells, etc that require hands or legs/somatic components as his arms are busy. He is however able to defend himself normally by rolling, tucking, dropping suddenly etc, and can make tail attacks should he be in such a position to (only likely after having gained true flight, possible through a feat).
While Gliding, a T’skrang’s tail acts as a rudder giving him +4 racial bonus on Fly checks.
This option replaces the Rearing and Bounding racial features. Add Auran to suggested bonus languages.

Aquatic Taking a much more in depth love to water than their kin, aquatic T’skrang are capable of breathing water and air. Additionally they have a swim speed equal to half their land speed. The webbing between their claws and powerful tail allow them +4 racial bonus to swim checks, and give them a bonus 5 feet of swim speed while charging, double moving or running underwater in a (mostly) straight line.
This option replaces the Rearing and Bounding Racial Traits Add Aquan to the T’skrang’s suggested bonus languages.

Deep Jungle These more primitive, more wild T’skrang have only recently been discovered but have likely existed at least as long as their more civilized brethren and are thought to have more in common with bestial lizard folk than noble dragons.

  • +2 Str, +2 Dex, -2 Int, -2 Wis, +2 Char. The savage nature of the Jungle T’skrang mark them different from their kin.
  • Scaled: The thicker hide of the Deep Jungle T’skrang offers protection in the form of +2 Natural Armor Class.
  • Primitive: These T’skrang can only speak a guttural form of Draconic (much like the monstrous Kolbolds) and cannot read or write. A primitive jungle T’skrang does gain the Discerning Eye trait.
    NPC Race option only. Provided only for reference

Surging Dragon Blood The dragon’s blood in you is strong. You gain +1 Caster level on all draconic spells, spells from the draconic bloodlines, domain, and power sources and devotions. You are also treated as one level higher for class features from these sources.
This option replaces Rearing and Bounding Racial Features.

Additional T’skrang Character Traits

In addition to the traits available to them, T’skrang only may also select from these:

  • Dragon Blood Magic: Choose 1 spell you know. You gain +1 Caster Level with that spell due to a innate potency of power from your heritage. You may change the chosen spell when you level.
  • Even More Discerning Eye: Gain +2 more to one of the other skills you did not select for the Discerning Eye racial feature. The skill is always a class skill for you.
  • River Folk: Your love of the waters you live so near allow you to hold your breath under water four times as long as normal and grant you a +2 on swim checks (cannot be River Folk)
  • Draconic Roar: You can call upon your draconic heritage to make your foes hesitate. Once per day, as a standard action, you may attempt to demoralize (intimidate) all foes within 30 ft. of you that can hear you.
  • Ariel Acrobatics: You may substitute Acrobatics checks for fly checks when stunting in air.
    Boat Snake: You grew up on or trained on a water vessel and have earned the endearment ‘boat snake.’ You gain +2 of Prof. Mariner, Craft (Demolitions, rope, wood), and any other checks towards the smooth running of a ship.

Alternative Favored Class Benefit Choices

  • Barbarian: You gain +1/3 dodge bonus to AC while adjacent to only one enemy.
  • Bard: Sea Songs: gain +1/2 calls per day.
  • Cavalier: +2 HP to your mount
  • Druid: +2 HP to your companion.
  • Ranger: +2 HP to your companion.
  • Fighter: +1/2 to CMD while adjacent to only one enemy.
  • Wizard: +2 HP to your familiar.
  • Monk: +1/3 dodge bonus to AC while adjacent to only one enemy.
  • Paladin: +2 HP to your mount.
  • Witch: +2 HP to your familiar.
  • Summoner: +2 HP to your eidolon.
  • Magus: Add one spell from the Magus spell list to the Magus’ spell book. This spell must be at least one level below the highest spell level she can cast.

Racial Feats

Strong Tail Requirement: T’skrang
When you using your tail to attack, you do not take the normal -2 to attack rolls and a successful hit deals damage equal to 1D8 + your strength modifier. Your tail attack is now considered a natural weapon for when it can be used and the purposes of feats or other requirements.
Prehensile Tail Requirement: T’skrang
You can wield one handed items and weapons in your tail, attacking and using them as if it were a hand. As such you are viable for the Multi-attack feat in place of Two-Weapon Fighting.
Tall Fighter Requirements: T’skrang, Base Attack Bonus +8, Lunge
While Reared, you gain reach with melee weapons you hold in your hands. If you wield a reach weapon, you gain an additional 5 feet of reach.
Tail Flurry Requirements: T’skrang, Flurry of Blows
When making a Flurry of Blows, you can make a tail attack at the end of the flurry with the normal bonuses. Alternatively, if you are reared when you make a Flurry of Blows, you gain a +1 to damage rolls instead.
Strong Webbing Requirements: T’skrang, Glider
You are particularly adapt at gliding. You may glide at four squares forward per one dropped, and have become adept enough at diving attacks that if you make an attack at the end of a fall as a charge, you gain an additional +1 to hit (due to charging) and bonus damage equal to half the damage you would take from a fall of a given height (that is, +1d6 for 10-20 ft., +2d6 for 20-40 ft., etc.). Due to your proficiency at this, you don’t take the damage from this fall and land on your feet with out provoking attacks of opportunity in an adjacent square. With the ability to fly and the Fly-by feat, you can instead make diving strafe to terrifying effect.

(I love T’skrangs dearly and could go on all day about them, and it was terribly hard to try to keep them balanced in game terms. But since I don’t have time to write everything about them here, if you have further questions please feel free to leave me message or comment on the campaign. ~Elfabet)

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