The Land

The kingdom of Alain is almost the whole continent and resides in what would be thought of the central continent. It’s topography varies from mountains and glacial regions to temperate forests and tropics on the southern side.

The north of the world is a frozen waste ruled by foul giants that keep orgars as slaves and orcs as servants. These cruel, cold-hearted barbarians raid northern settlements in the spring, roaring down the Barrier Peaks that are supposed to help separate the two lands, and then disappear just as quickly after causing massive devastation.

To the west of Alain are the Free City State of Uldine. The closest and one of the largest of these is Malar, home of foresters, rangers, and hedge witch healers. These small principalities, duchies, and the like are mostly content to meddle amongst themselves but do offer Alain rich trade options. Each has it’s own laws, alliances, motives and the like. While it may be easy to generate a small group of fighters from any one town for the right reason or price, to wholly unite the couple dozen of them would be impractical, if not impossible.

Beyond the sea of Kyphons, named for the legend that discovered it and died there, lie the other two major continents. Orlia, the sandy, ancient continent is shaped like an elongated tear drop and holds seemingly infinite stretches of desert. The ancient empire that makes Orlia home is similar to the Egyptian, worshiping the spring and river of their single Heavenly Mountain as sacred and life giving. Their land, despite being dead holds a huge amount of residual magics from the event that left it like this and as such, the people must regularly build pyramids to safely ‘flare off’ the potentially deadly magic build up.

Krigula is a mishmash of swampy lands, disappearing islands, and flooded plains all striving to survive the horrible natural disasters that continue to beset them. Most of the peoples are tribalistic, and slightly primitive.

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The Land

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