The Green Cloakers

Those PCs who wish to have a starting history in this group should consider the Venture Captain major background for their character.

The well recognized organization of volunteers that functions as Alain’s militia, peace-keepers, intelligence agency, monster control, community service and even gossip mill, is known as the Green Cloakers. So called because all members are expected to make and wear a Green Cloak.
Each city or region of Alain is broken up by a Cabal and within each Cabal are a number of Lodges that are actual, physical buildings used as head quarters and offices of the organization.

The vast majority of Green Cloakers are volunteers of some kind who joined for some reason or another that are generally given general missions and fairly broad and/or simple tasks. As they garner experience and skill, they may be offered a more permanent position with in the organization, either stationed at a specific lodge or set to help a whole cabal at a time.

Common Titles in the Green Cloakers:

Venture Captain – Leader of a small group, almost entirely an honorary title|
Unit Captain – In charge of helping a small number of Venture Captains, he distributes the missions and acts as a point of contact.
Lodge Captain – Charged with the orderly running of an entire Lodge, this administrative post must be a public face and handle pressure well.
Lodge Scholar or Skill – A special title for those hired by a Lodge to perform a specific task.
Lodge Master – The one in charge of the whole Lodge, she must handle the Lodge and Unit captains while reporting to her own Cabal Captain and taking missions from him.
Cabal Specialist – A title awarded to those hired for their special skills. They travel the entirety of the cabal and use their specialized talents to accomplish unusual missions.
Cabal Captain (Grand Venture Captain) – For really big missions, are assigned a team of Cabal Specialists, but otherwise are there to help the Cabal Master run the cabal smoothly and efficiently directing resources and lodges with the cabal.
Cabal Master – In charge of the entire well-being of a cabal, this post includes high level secrets of state, massive resource allocation, and delicate people skills as well as much experience in every area. They answer only to the Grand Masters, likely through Master Captains, and the Tyrant.
Master Venture Captain – The elite specialists of the Green Cloakers, they investigate the most deadly and important missions but must have the wisdom to know when to assign the lesser tasks to the cabal of the area.
Grand Master – These individual’s identities are known only to Cabal Masters, some of their Master Venture Captains. They are dedicated masters of the entire organization who work to the protection and safety of the entire kingdom. Their individual power rivals and likely exceeds that of House masters. The exact number or nature of the Grand Masters is unknown except to them, some of their Grand Master Captains and a few of the highest nobles in the government.

The Green Cloakers are identified by their green cloaks, each as distinct and individual as the wearer who is also the creator. A large number of cloakers take the opportunity to personalize their cloak with further symbolize or heraldry, perhaps noting their cabal or formal accomplishments. Numerous secret options or customizations are available ranging from component pouches, secret seems, all the way to The Tyrant’s Mark for those who have earned it privileges.
General Green Cloakers volunteers are not afforded any special or direct powers of law. Instead,
recruits are given general training and expected to act reasonably with in the laws of the land and the rights of the people. As such, they are afforded basic protections under the equivalent of Good Samaritan rules. However this would not protect them from such serious crimes such as assault on a Noble, exhumation without The Tyrant’s Mark, etc.

To most, the Green Cloakers are noble, virtuous and helpful, or at least acceptable in their doings because it is likely that they personally know someone who is a member.

With respect to The Houses, they act as mediator, peace-keepers, referee, and wary ally.

Those PCs who wish to have an especially strong connection with their employer should consider the Venture Captain major background for their character.

Some notable persons and locations of the Green Cloakers for this Campaign include:

  • Lodge Captain Jack Steel: Newly appointed to the Capitol, he and his band of Steelhearts are tasked with job distribution and a mountain of old paperwork to wade through. To that end he has set the PCs to Hollow’s Rest in order to relieve cases of ‘increased monster activity’ in the area.
  • Resting Lodge: is the only lodge in the cabal around Hollow’s Rest. As such it would be described as the master Lodge, but apparently, it’s had a ‘severe shortage of members and recruits’ for ‘oh, about a year or two now’.
  • Capitan Carrot is a higher ranking member than has his eye on one of our PCs for reasons as of yet unknown. (Actual facts are to-be-confirmed)

“Perhaps one of the greatest parts of being a Green Cloaker is the respect you get everywhere you go. I had to make a t’ree week trip from the sea back to The Capitol, but I didn’t have to pay for food once! Every where I go, it’s ‘Oh look at you big, strong man protectin’ us from those orgars. Here, come and sit for a spell and have some sup.’ And I tell you, I am not so big or strong. But still I get ‘Ah, that green cloak! Reminds me of the days I was part of the ranks. Made Venture Captain I did. Come ’ere boy, tell Old Gunth of yer tales and share a meal.’ Even in the far wilds, I can walk up to any fire and there’ll be someone glad to see me instead of a monster, who has just caught himself a meal too big for just himself, and he’ll be’s wondering if I’d care to split the wash-up in return. It really is just a great feeling."


The Green Cloakers

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