The Campaign and Character Creation

Campaign info

This is an exploratory, heroes save the world from a massive threat of otherworldly invasion campaign with a heavy emphasis on the story in preference to the rules.

Character Creation

If you do not have access to the Pathfinder rulebook, I highly recommend This Site as it is complete, organized, includes a search function and is free!

The Crunch

  • 4th level characters to start.
  • Point Buy Ability Scores with 20 points. Table
    Don’t forget that since you’re fourth level, you gain one Ability Score increase.
  • Races: Orcs and Half Orcs are replaced by partially feral/savage/brutish Orgars, who are descendant from the giants to the wastes of the north. They have the stats of a Half-Orc and the personality of a full blood thirsty Orc. There are no half races. Elves have are split into High Elves (elf by the book), wood elves (half-elf by the book), and moon elves (very rare, not drow, but still not playable). Gnomes are allowed, but be warned of my hatred of them, and that I may strive to kill you off. In addition, you may play a T’skrang detailed in the wiki.
  • Classes: Any class out of the Core Rule Book, or Advanced Player’s Guide. Additionally, you may play the Aither, a master of a language of Power who casts arcane spells and can modify the world with but a word. Or a Monster Hunter, masters of dedicated hunters, these characters pride themselves on being the smartest warriors around, and always prepared.
  • Favored Class: I will be playing with the favored class options presented by the APG.
  • Skills: In addition to the skills in the book, we will be playing with the skill Examine Martial Technique, a class skill for any class with a full-BAB that allows heroes to size each other up and gauge relative battle prowess. As for Craft skills, there is no definitive list, but if you have to learn to make it, there’s a craft skill for it. However, I will allow most of them to lap over each other with various penalties if they’re close enough.
  • Hit Points: The first time you take a level in a class, you gain hit points equal to the maximum of the hit die of that class plus your constitution bonus (if any), and any other bonuses. Each level after that results grants HP equal to 1/2 the max of the hit die, plus one (1), plus con. modifier, plus any other bonuses. Thus:
    | Hit Die | 1st level | Other Level |
    | D4 | 4 | 3 |
    | D6 | 6 | 4 |
    | D8 | 8 | 5 |
    | D10 | 10 | 6 |
    | D12 | 12 | 7 |
    Note that this is in addition to any bonus HP you may gain from constitution, feats or Favored Class choices.
  • No Evil Alignments!
  • There are a number of additional and unique spells in this world that have developed over time, none available at the start of play, by characters may be able to learn them later or find magic items of them.
  • You may start with 6,000 gp worth of mundane and magical gear. Please understand that every non-consumable magic item has a legacy, a story that makes it magical and you should consider how much of that your character knows.
  • Due to the importance of creativity and life in the world, every person is trained in some manner of self expression, be this through craft, profession or magic performance, the ability to express one’s self and one’s story is imperative to all. As such, make sure you have at the very least one rank in a skill that you can use to express yourself, considering why you chose it, and how it impacts your character.

The Important Stuff

The point of the game is to have good time and tell a great story.
In order to accomplish this it helps to have investment in not only your character but you’re party. As such, I’m going to do and ask certain things of you and me so as to make this the funnest possible. Specifically:
When making your character I wish you to jot down at least a couple sentences for each of the following points:

  • Why have you chosen to join the Green Cloakers? As the largest organized unit in all the Land, the prestige, resources, potential power, tales, and convenience all offer potential reason, but you decided to join willingly, perhaps recently or a while ago; why?
  • Your background Where you came from is very important as it helps define where you are going. As such, while constructing your history, please select one of the following major backgrounds and explain your choice: Spirit Child, Zealot, House Prodigy, Venture Captain (While it is important to have detailed this, it is important to keep both the choice and the specifics secret, a grand piece of information to put in the Hidden part of your character sheet.
  • 2 NPCs Please flesh out two non player characters that your character is on (at least) friendly terms with. Who are they, what do they do, how did you meet, what is your current relationship, etc. I will not abuse these unless you ask me to, instead they help cement the character as being more real.
  • 2 Major Goals Please describe two (or more) major goals your character has. These could be anything from creating a master item, to a unique experience of slaying a dragon, or doing something, like taking over your house. If not apparent, please explain why you’re character wants to do this. If possible, I’ll try to work in as many of these as possible.
  • Your Green Cloak Every Green Cloaker is expected to make a green cloak of their own upon entering the organization, and many take the opportunity to do a fair bit of personalization to it. Consider what symbology you may have used in yours. Does it have a fastener or clasp? Is it especially warm or lite? Does it have a hood? You can be fairly free form with it as long as it mostly green and you wear while on missions.
  • OPTIONAL: Deity or deities of worship: If you worship any higher powers note that and how much faith you put in it/them. Also keep in mind anyone openly worshiping a god outside of The Pantheon is subject to the interrogation-like force Requi Omnibus. The Pantheon’s deities number in twelve and cover the majority of aspects and worshipers.
  • OPTIONAL: Relationship with Respective House If your character would soundly fall with in the confines of any of The Houses of Alain, and you grew up anywhere near enough to civilization to encounter them, please describe on what terms you are with them. For example, any assassin without The Tyrant’s Mark (a magical blessing) is set for immediate erasure by The Lords if he exhumes anyone, and the Pantheon treats any who follow any deity or principle outside their twelve as a non-believer. On the other hand, The College cares little who is an official member if they share information and readily seek out new ideas, and the House Xin cares for the betterment of all and hence have a fairly informal policy.

In game, we’ll play with a couple more ideas, these are subject to change, but hopefully we’ll settle on something we all like.

  • Experience points: Once you have enough experience to level, you must find time and someone/something to teach you the skills and abilities of the next level. This may be a tutor or scholar, a spirit or messenger from the aspect you worship. It will not be hard to find/contact this entity, but it will add story. Exp will likely be distributed at the end of quests/tasks, to everyone who was present for the majority of it’s completion. Bonus points, in small amounts may be given out to those who role play especially well or come up with a helpful idea etc.
  • Legend Points: These are heroes, as such they sometimes do what others simply cannot. Each player will get a Legend Point upon leveling, losing their one from last level should they still have it. This allows them to re-roll a check, get +5 to result, or do some pretty crazy epic stuff like swinging from the chandelier without making a check in order to be especially cinematic. However, every time such a Point is used (or expired), the GM gets one to use for his major bad guys. Additional Legend Points may be acquired by group consensus once in a long while for doing something truly epic.
    Legend Points will also give the character the chance to make a heroic last stand or final moment or something. By burning all of their remaining Legend Points (minimum 1), the hero takes a full turn gaining +20 to all checks, damages etc. for the round and is allowed to make two standard actions. However at the end of the round, he, and likely the big ugly, both die, dramatically, with much box text.
    Finally, Legend Points will be used to imbue the life magic of the world into items via stories. By spending Legend Points on an item and telling it’s tale you make the item magical, granting it bonuses, power and ability beyond those conferred by mere Power Stones.
  • As we’re starting play, we’ll work out two enhancement traits for each character. These are like half-feats that help flesh out character background and give minor bennies.
  • Magic Items: All non-consumable magic items are created by the story that made them seem magical and legendary in the first place, and then actually gain that magic by the life of those that wield them and tell their tales, making them even stronger. As such, anyone can make a magic item that is already magic more potent by spending time bonding with it and discovering it’s story. (Equates to spending a Legend Point on it over a ritualistic ceremony.) To create a new magic item is difficult, requiring an item of some significance and a mighty tale to be forged with it in addition to having a caster to forge into it a bond of life and magic. However, in order to keep game play power balanced, we’ll be using Power Stones that when placed into various items grant the user bonuses (Init, Str, to-hit and damage, Knowledge checks, etc.). These will be sprinkled through out the game.


The Campaign and Character Creation

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