Of specific importance, these stories tell the listener about the speaker, proving him a hero and worthy of respect. The tradition of personal introductions by exposition dates back more than a thousand years to when dark monsters ruled the Land and their very presence corrupted the Life of those around them. One sign of this corruption was the loss of creativity. Thus strangers and those suspected of being tainted had to demonstrate their ability to create and inspire to prove themselves to be pure.
This tradition carries down to today as practical for all to learn something that requires skill and dedication.
These are the PC’s tales:

Mihr’s tale from his campaign in the North just before the start of the campaign: Kilgorr and the Birth of an Eye Poker relates how a brave warrior saved an ally and crippled a major threat in one day. It gained him a mighty weapon to bond to, but he now a foe sworn to destroy him.

Other stories:

The Story of the Ancient Ones and the Horrors as told by Itchibad the gnomish merchant for saving him from some horrors that ambushed him and the PCs in the first adventure.

The Cheese monger and the Rodents- A Dragon’s Perspective, is a silly little piece that may just metaphorically show the dragon’s view on the events of the first fateful first encounter between the Lord Kryzul and the PC’s.

The Kill Kount is pretty fun, and will probably spawn some of our stories, so take a look at that if you want.

Common Abbreviations/Terms that I use

Some of these are game specific some are general use. In no specific order:

  • L.R. Legend Rating: Used to determine the relative strength of a magic item. It represents how much you know of the object. Usually the first level is finding the item’s True Name
  • C.L. Caster Level: When you cast a spell, you use your Caster Level to determine various properties of it’s effects.
  • mg Mental Giggles: for when you don’t actually lol at something, but still find it amusing.
  • Spell Table identical to Spell Level: I played a bit of earlier editions and spells were ranked by table back then, I found it easier than saying it’s a level 1 spell cast by a third level…
  • hwk homework
  • prbly Probably: now I’m just being lazy, if you see these leave a comment and I’ll prbly probably remove it. Like that one!


  • Yes, I am probably a bit crazy. Comes with being a Techie and it being early here.
  • Yes, This is based in the same town as Paizo’s The Pumpkin King, the gourd patch south of town is where Maddie was to be sacrificed. Additionally, I wrote a continuation of adventure that is set one year later called “Return of the Pumpkin King”. In it the heroes return to join the celebration of Hollow’s Death (hollow’s eve), but this time the Pumpkin King and his fiery effigies want the whole town to burn! Well the PCs save the town and poor Madeline again with the epic showdown once more happening atop the King’s Hill. This campaign takes place a number of years after the events of those, but having played those (possibly with the same characters!) will just ingrain you to the town the wilderness more quickly.
  • As any good GM does, I am robbing everything I see for inspiration. The main adversary coming of course, form Dragon Age, although it’s been changed fairly large amount. (As Nigel said, “You don’t know Sh** about Dragon Age:Origins, do you?” and I just smiles and said; “Nope!” :) The Monster Hunter came after reading van’Rychten’s guide, and is combination of Ranger and Archivist class from 3.5. Aither is more personal but I’m having issues with power balance and interesting features, so it’s still a work in progress. No one’s going to play one anyway though. T’skrangs are actually from a fantastic game called Earthdawn. You should look it up, I’m serious. It’s awesome. That’s the same place the great investment of story, legend and life equaling power comes from. By knowing something’s name, by knowing it’s history, you better understand what it is now and can therefor control it better.
  • Apparently the name Alain comes from a pretty good anime? I’ve apparently even seen a couple episodes of it… oh well.
  • Green Cloakers come from the organization behind one of the worst but still cool prestige classes in 3.5: The Order of the Bow Initiate from Complete Warrior. Half their shtick was useless with half your feats, but if you ya just tweaked ‘em a bit, you get a great class and a cool back ground for an epic adventuring company. Oh, and it’s robbed pretty heavily from the Pathfinder Society organization Green Cloakers of Golrain and Absalom… but, whatever.
  • Q: What are the Dark Spawn going to be typed as?
  • * A: not undead, Clerics will eat through ‘em. I know, but they don’t yet. Why don’t you wait until they find out in game?

Some fun Links:

  • Never Split the Party (in dungeon). The vid is well worth the watch, even if the rule is so up in the air.
    If the party wants to add more to this list later, great!
  • The Monster Hunter has a ‘bit of an issues with Picsties.’ Thus, his Theme song. “Yeah, pretty much.”
  • The paladin wishes his theme song to be this. It also pretty well fits the group he’ll be closely affiliated with soon.

IF you see any others or have questions or something, go ahead and shoot me a message, or leave a comment! I think it’d be nifty to get discussion going once we start playin’!



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