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Welcome to our wiki!

This is our wiki Main Page. It serves as a starting point for our campaign. From here you can navigate to the rest of our campaign!

To get you started, here are some major points of interest in the campaign:
(Unfortunately most aren’t filled out right now, but that should change over time as the PCs explore more and I write more.)

The Campaign and Character Creation The quick link to specifics of the campaign. GM notes in this section include other stoofs.

The Green Cloakers Information on the organization to which the PC’s belong.

Hollow’s Rest The small town the heroes find themselves defenders of. This details events past and current, as well as the places there of

The Kingdom of Alain and the Land A slightly sketchy background and information on the rest of the Kingdom as well as the whole world. This includes such miscellaneous categories as currency, information on Alain’s notorious Houses, government, and religion.

NPC’s Also known as The Character of the Land, this is the place for the stories of the PC’s from another viewpoint, whether in a valorous light as heroes, or a treacherous one as a potential rival, here is where the life and color of the story hopes to come alive. Contains stats when avialable in the GM sections. I lied, these are easier to do under the NPC’s part of the Characters tab, so see it there.

Stories, Miscellaneous, Glossary of Terms, FAQ, Links, etc.
If it’s worth knowing but doesn’t fit anywhere else, it goes here. (Doesn’t mean it’ll actually be in here of course, but that’s life…) It will also contain the stories of the world and people as they are discovered in game if I get around to writing them. And the PC’s Stories! At several intervals the PCs will each be expected to share a tale of their own (either pre-campaign or since then) if they like, it’ll be showcased here!

Kill Kount The PCs have requested we keep track of a kill count, and while I personally enjoy these, I think they aren’t exactly fair as the warrior will get a lot more at early levels, and the AoE will take a great deal more in a few levels. And it completely forgets the healers… But I shall comply.

Main Page

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