Kill Kount

I realize the count is spelled wrong, it’s on purpose. This count is purely for fun/sport, and will have little to no in game benefit except to make the combats that more interesting. The count is only for enemy downings in-game, stories from before the campaign are great, but don’t get counted here. Downing is used as ‘reduce a non-important enemy to 0 or fewer HP’, where as important ones need to be actually killed (or bleed out). If you knock an enemy out but it doesn’t die or gets away despite that, it doesn’t count. (This make vampires particularly hard to get points for.) You don’t lose the point if said baddie comes back to life or un-life though, it’s just worth another point again. Killing un-important NPCs that aren’t enemies aren’t worth a thing. It counts as a kill if you directly caused it. Dropping a rock down a cliff and smearing 29 kolbolds with it; counts. Hiring the mercenaries to wipe out 500 kolbolds doesn’t count for much unless you’re up there with them, then you get however many you took. Every enemy is worth 1 point regardless of strength. So 1 Orgar champion is equivalent to 1 kolbold riff-raff even though they represent far different strengths. The only exception to this is mounts or carriers, If you down the mount or explode the vehicle, and because of that, occupants would be dieing, you can count the oliphant or whatever as 1, and each rider that actually dies because of it as 1 more each. As Gimli said ‘Hmph, that’s still only one."
The numbers have been lost track of already, so we’ll go from where we can, but the best kills at least should be updated.

Has taken a total of 7 monster finishes in the campaign.
His best one so far has been a kolbold warrior that was savagely throwing itself at him in a blood frenzy. He deftly pierced the creature through the heart
These kills include:
Crimnson Fang kolbold warriors

Has taken a total of 32 monster kills so far, 15 of which were taken by his mighty crow swarm.
As of now, his greatest felling was when he the fleeing kolbold scout with his pants down. But second to it is the kolbold screecher that wished to parlay with the party on behalf of his great and mighty dragon Master, Lord Kryzul.
These kills include:
A grak, some kolbold warriors of the Crimson Fangs Clan, and pissing off the dragon himself. His swarm has also taken a Nothic.

Phellan Stouthammer
Is to blame for starting this mess, but so far has marked himself with 14 of enemies blood.
His most epic so far is stealing Wok’s blood from Mihr. Also enjoyable was the break dance nose smashing on poor Tebo, another unfortunate kolbold warrior, this time stolen from Tark.
Theses kills include:
Graks, Kolbolds warriors and a fighter from the Crimson Fangs

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Is currently trailing at this point as she is of too high station to participate, has to worry about heals, etc. However, I don’t doubt that her AoE shall over come soon enough.
Is dominating, thanks to her bombs, as predicted. Additionally, she seems to have picked up the dwarf’s habit of kill stealing.
Despite this, she has taken 24 enemy lives so far.
Perhaps the one that was closest to worthy of her time was the mighty dragon lord Kryzul. More of an overgrown lizard with bad breath, it was a sufficient kill none the less. And let us not forget that big kolbold petard that wiped out part of the army!
The spirits she has ended include:
a grak, a draft horse, some kolbolds, some more kolbolds, Dragon Lord Kryzul himself and soon to be much more.

Kill Kount

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