Hollow's Rest

Hollow’s Rest is a small village on the far West (and slightly North) outskirts of the Kingdom of Alain. It lies below the Barrier Peaks that separate Alain from the Giant’s Wastes and their barbarian hordes. It is the last settlement of civilization before the kingdom border. Farther to the West, another four or so day through low mountains called the Moon Shade Mounds is the small kingdom of Uldine, made up of mostly small free-form city state and fiefdoms. To the South lie large stretches of monster inhabited forests, rolling hills, and plains, dotted with smaller mountains. Three day’s ride East takes you to Colmen, the next nearest town, though it is little bigger than Hollow’s Rest, it has a message service, general store, and weapon/armor smithy run by the dwarf brothers Torg and Gort.

Threats and Incidents

  • Kolbolds: According to Jorran, there are two bands of kolbolds that have taken up residence with in a half day of Hollow’s Rest. The first group, the closer of the two, reside about an hour through dense forest North East of town. The Crimson Claws (or Crimson Fangs, it seems to be in limbo) are a band of blood thirsty louts, nearly 200 strong. A third of their number are trained medics, sneaks, casters and champions. A few non-combatants to provide for, and the High Shaman (also a non-combatant) round out the numbers. Their uncontested leader is the fiendish and volatile white Dragon Lord Kyrzul; a truly deadly opponent, but still quite rash, savage, and lacking in strategic experience.
    The other band’s presence has not even been confirmed by the PCs. They could be more Crimson Fangs who are planning for a devastating pincer move on the town, rivals looking to steal the town’s treasure, or not even there!

The population of Hollow’s Rest is nearly one hundred, and they range from young to old, equal in gender, and of all races. Some important NPC’s include:
Leena Silverlinx The town wise woman, hedge witch and spiritual aide, she presides over the town in a quiet hands free nature, showing up at problems and dealing with them swiftly, often using stern voice, rapid questions, and unexpected topic changes to keep people off balance and reveal information. She does not deal out punishment but instead asks what both parties think is fair.
As witch, she knows much about the spiritual side of the forest, and has a knack for mysterious, notoriously foul-smelling concoctions and what she calls ‘herbal remedies’.
In her station as Spiritual contact, Leena often communes with the various spirits of the forests and trusts them, helping to mediate any problems they may come upon that she or her people can solve. In return the spirits send cooling breeze to the farmers in the fields and rain for their crops.
If there is anything to be said against the strange women, it is her common absence. In order to properly commune with the various forces, or find the best solution for a particularly difficult problem, she will often withdraw to her hut hidden in the forest and stay there for days while considering all the possible consequences. During this time though, additional aspects to the problem could be found, or those responsible could have settled the issue already for better or for worse.
Leena has an adoptive daughter Madeline. This poor child though only nine or so, is Destined. Along with a host of other traits, she is particularly sought after by various forces for a variety of reasons, and heroes have had to rescue her on multiple occasions. Leena does what she can in the form of charms and what not, but often it is safest only to keep her by her side at all times.
Jorran This man helps the smooth daily running of the town as well as being it’s major protector. He does odd-jobs around town and is generally very helpful. It is clear that he cares deeply for the people of the town.

Of the few dozen buildings in town, only a few are of major importance:
Gently’s is run by a portly haphling by the name of Orlan who made his fortune on the sea with nary a scratch on him and opened this little tavern all the way out here to live out his days in peace. Gently, as he goes by, runs his tavern practically and fairly. He doesn’t have any hired help, but occasionally gets Ebeneezer to do any heavy lifting he needs in return for free drinks. The money isn’t such a big deal, and as such, guests are often allowed to keep tabs up to a fair amount (~5 king’s piece).
Gent’s, as it is sometimes referred to, is a simple front room with a small stage, several round table of both heights and a fine polished bar adapted from the railing of a sailing ship. Off to the side, a closed hallway holds special rooms of various sizes for various accommodations. Behind the bar is the kitchen and off of that the cellar. Up the stairs in the back corner the second story has several bedrooms where travelers can stay for a night.
Gently knows his populace and accommodates to fit. Most nights are lightly themed based on the people most likely to stop by. By far the two best nights are Friday; Family Night, when the farmers come in for some music and bring the family and a dish to pass while gossip abounds and children run playing, and Saturday evenings which are story night. Before the…incident, Jules was a very popular teller. Leena herself attends these whenever she can, but only ever to listen.
There is no general store, but the villagers have a form of barter system to compliment the currency of Alain and a market about once a week.
Clan Durgon, a mostly extinct dwarven clan that was pushed up from below and has taken refuge here last summer and has decided to stay. Tenzeer is a brewmaster and his skills are greatly welcome here. His wife, Gelmor, their children, Eben, Torc, and Valrid, and both their aged grandmothers are happy here, even if they do not know what will become of their once mighty clan. They keep a house on the far north edge of Hollow’s Rest by the fields and use Gent’s Cellar for their finishing projects.

The metal workers of the town specialize in farm and home implements and tools, and cannot do anything fancy, let alone weapons with decorative inlays. As such, the PCs will have to take they’re upgrades to the dwarves of the north, or do the work themselves, as the NPCs will gladly lend them use of the tools after their heroism.

It is rumored that there was once a Green Cloakers’ Lodge somewhere nearby, but no one seems to care. Maybe Leena knows. Gent has shared that if there is one, no one has mentioned it in the past two and half years that he’s been here. It seems unlikely they would keep something that useful secret though…

There is a small hill just to the south of the town with a gourd patch on it that has come under the effect of a very positive feeling. This sensation passes to many who stand atop it. It is known to the town’s people as the King’s Patch and is known for its especially large pumpkin. Visitors also get the impression that it’s history is fairly important to the town, but the towns’ folk are not saying.
During the King’s Trawling, (See [[Recovery & Preparation – Day 05]] avid followers!) the PCs learned from Jorran that the hill is a sacred ground that is particularly close to the spirit primal world, and dedicated to The Pumpkin King, a great spirit (originally from the Autumn Court) that serves the town as avatar and protector. In this aspect, during the King’s Trawling, the participants ask for help or advice or strength from the Pumpkin King, and in order to do so, open themselves to the spirits through ritual carving of pumpkins by only candle light. In return, the Pumpkin King takes the totem they made and may wear it as his own head in the future, allowing him to affect the physical world about it’s creator more. (It’s purposefully left mystic and convoluted.)
This effect, and the history of the King’s Patch may be further described in the adventures prior to this campaign: The Pumpkin King, and Return to Hollow’s Rest. But a summary of the story may eventually be told by Leena in the future.


Hollow's Rest

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