Green Cloakers of Hollow's Rest

Letter to Phelan's Father
Phelan's Letter


My quest for the First Forge is going as planned. I have met up with of heroes called the green cloakers, and am currently headed toward the Town of Hollows Rest. Once there I will speak with the local Dwarven Population to see if any have heard of “Stouthammer” as a clan. Those who have will probably have clues to the whereabouts of the First Forge, if even tiny ones. Following the dreams and portents of the gods has helped me thus far, Praise be to the pantheon, and I hope they continue to guide me in the right direction. You may tell Nikolas, and Nostrand that their Baby Brother has earned himself 3 more kills, I believe that puts me even with Nostrand at this point. I have marked my skin with their Ichors as an offering to Kor so if my appearance is slightly eccentric when I return, do not be alarmed.

These Dreams tell me that she is out there father. That our true home is also out there, and I again beg your indulgence. Your son will make you proud, if I have to slay every monster from here to the First Forge.

By Blood and Honor,


The Journey to Hollow's Rest
Are we there yet?

In which the PCs:

  • Set a horse on fire and were unable to discover the legendary formula for ‘Brootbeer!’ -Rizel
  • Saved a merchant and fish trader, Itchibad, from an ambush set by the monstrous Grak. Additionally I tried dwarven ‘Purple Stuff’… and found it too strong. -Lute
  • Slew three enemies by my own mighty hands, claiming their blood as trophy. -Phelan
  • Killeded 3 thingies too, buts doesn’ts care, ‘ause ’ey weren’t PICTSTIES! – Tark (who should consider asking who knows Wanderer’s Tongue)
  • Were tasked by Captain Jack Steel of The Green Cloakers to travel to Hollow’s Rest and report to the Lodge Captain there, or failing that, the town hedge woman who was writing. Had some insight to the make up of the group.

We should totally do a quote of the game! Group vote of course, it should be funny, mostly appropriate and if you get five, you get a bonus Legend Point!

Day of Preperation 1
Who's who?

In which we:

- Made characters
- Argued play time
- discussed campaign
- Should have discussed table rules
- Znacks!
- Signed up for Room Reservations
- Had a mock mini combat with two players so they could try out their PCs… didn’t go too well.

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