The Kitty!

That magical treasure box everyone loves


The magic of it the item is a fair bit more interesting. The weight of the chest is proportional to the size, but is otherwise constant, regardless of load, as if the box were in fact empty. As long as you can fit it into the chest when largest (~6 ft. by 4), you can fit an infinite amount of matter into the Kitty. The box shrinks no matter the load, down to it’s smallest dimensions (~3in by 2) and stills weighs the appropriate amount. When the owner goes to retrieve an item, it immediately re-sizes and flips open of it’s own accord and the item is directly inside, with in utter darkness surrounded by nothing. But always right on top, regardless of order they were placed in.
There are a few restrictions of course. Nothing living can be fully placed in the box, but you can reach into it. This allows purification of germs as they are effectively scraped off as it’s placed in. Undead are also prohibited, but mostly non-sentient constructs are, although they report only a sense of loss of time, and a totally impenetrable darkness. This is likely to the preservational qualities of the box; anything placed inside is preserved as if in well maintained low temperature sealed volume, preserving bodies and food alike. Interestingly, liquids must be in a well sealed container. For the box to resize, it must be placed on a surface large and sturdy enough to hold it.
Objects may only be pulled out a handful at a time, thus owners tend to place coinage or other small pieces in bags so that they can be readily retrieved en mass.
Amusingly, for all it’s great ability it does not detect in the slightest as magic, nor can any of the contents be viewed, although tracking spells will still lead the caster to the chest, even if it provides no way of entering it. Additionally, the box functions perfectly in null magic zones.
As amazing as all these properties are, it’s supposed greatest power comes once the owner has bonded with it. The legends say something about the origin of pulling a silver out from behind his ear… truly curious.


The physical form of this box is a wooden treasure chest, made of finger thick smooth slats held together by a silvery metal. Decorated across the front, sides and lid in the same metal are depictions of dragons, each stylistically outlined differently. The actual size/dimensions/weight of the box varies on the desires of the owner but when left alone for a year or so, it generally reverts to it’s base size of about 3ft long, two feet tall at it’s peak and and a foot and a half deep.
There about end it’s mundane properties, oh except that it’s dimensions are always proportional, it’s immune to fire, impervious to water and heals any scuffs or superficial damage by the next morning. Bit of a puzzler is the lack of key holes or hinges for that matter.

Currently the party has aqquired one and Raizel is holding onto it for now. The (known) contents are tracked on the Kitty sheet.

The Kitty!

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