Staff of the High Pantheon

Staff of the Priest of Hollow's Rest


Allows the weilder to cast a Cure spell of the highest spell he can prepare once per day at his Caster Level (4th level cleric could use it to cast Cure Moderate Wounds, CL 4).

Additional powers await reawakening.


This staff is a long pole cleved in the middle and branched on top. From it’s point hang 12 charms. Each a Holy Symbol of the Pantheon. The color of the staff changes constantly from humming shades of red to lightest, brightest whites then slowly to deep, pulsating blacks.

It is said this staff was ordered by the High Law Abbot of Maradin for the founding of the Church in Hollow’s Rest. He also blessed in personally, declaring that is would preserve the faifth of all those who layed eyes upon it. Since then it has passed through the hands of many clerics serving the area of Hollow’s Rest. Some have found great power with in it, and were able to call upon it to perform great miracles of faith. One of the more popular tales is a hunter priest of Honorable Kensai calling a torrent of water from the clear sky to stop a mid-summer forest fire that surely would have destroyed the town. Other stories abound, the truth of many are kept in the sacred texts of the church itself.

Staff of the High Pantheon

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