Krezuel's Staff of Egg Whisking

Egg Staff!

weapon (melee)

Just a tap of this long, knobby staff to any egg and it instantly whisks itself. Scrambled to perfection. Obviously, this kills anything inside (no save). The egg types are not limited, so they can be dragon, amphibious, etc., the staff’s tip (shaped like an egg itself) much merely touch the outside of the egg.
If something is holding the egg and doesn’t want you to tap it, you have to make a touch attack with the staff at -4.

Additionally, if you have all the ingredients prepared and laid out, you may touch this object to construct any food golem in a single full round.
If you know the creator’s name (Krezoul) and you also posses his Spatula and Pot, you can bang the tree together and generate any consumable you can think of once per week.
Otherwise this functions item as a bulbous mage staff with an amusing quirk.


Just goes to show, you can make an omelet without even breaking an egg.

Krezuel's Staff of Egg Whisking

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