Ring of Star Fall

Three stars set in a band of black night


Legend Rank 1.
The wearer has learned the name of to call awake the first stone, a beautiful white pearl and evoke it to generate a shield about herself for three hours per day.

Legend Rank 2.
The wearer can call out the powers of the asteria, second of the inlaid stones, and like brilliant starts streaks in a meteorite shower, a streak of mage missiles burst forth down upon the target. C.L. for this effect is six, thus 3 missiles. She can use this effect twice per day. Additionally, when the wearer shields herself the effect now lasts for six hours of the day.

Legend Rank 3.
By calling on the heart of agony between the maker and receiver of this ring, the wearer has learned to make the diamond in the center of the stone burn with such passion that stars themselves are called down to pummel the creator of her anguish. The ring can now be activated once a week, outside on a clear night to call down a star storm. The caster level for this effect is 12. Additionally, the mage missile asteria can be used three times per day and launches a full five missiles, and the shield spell lasts 12 hours, but it must be all during the day, or the entirety of the night, representing the cycle of the heavens.


This ring has three brilliant stones set into a jet black band. The first is a tiny pearl that glows weakly in the sunlight. The second is an asteria that sends out dazzling sparkles when struck right, and in the middle is a intricate diamond shaped like an eight-pointed star.
Engraved inside the band on the bottom in elven script is the word ‘Trillian’.

Ring of Star Fall

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