Magic Marker

Light scribe


Writes light into the air, lasts for about a minute.

Unique Artifact
Creation: unknown
Price: special


This glowing piece of chalk is about the size and general shape of a lipstick case. It functions as a pen or large tip marker except that it scribes light streaks, and it writes on air, or any other material for that matter. The writer can will the size of the point different sizes from about an eraser’s width to a thick thumb smear as well as subtly change the shape of the tip (circle, square, slashed line). The color changes as the scribe wills it even transitioning various colors in the same word or pen stroke. The opacity, brightness and ‘glow strength’ can all be controlled by the creator too, with in fairly normal limits. A completed sketch or script (say about four lines of six inch font) lasts for about a minute before fading away.
Though it show no magic auras, the devices light is able to be seen clearly even in unnatural total darkness.
Finally, the case itself is a merely a dark cylinder that does not seem to react with any other element (thus it is not mark-able). Interestingly, this item seems completely incapable of destruction as it resists all known damages and fantastic amounts of strength tests.

Magic Marker

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