Flamekin Statue

Elemental Statue



Commanding the Kindle spirit requires a standard action and the item’s True Name. Ending a form is an immediate action that causes it to revert to to statue form in it’s (center) square. Common commands include:
‘Release’ Summons a medium/large/huge (L.R 1/2/3 respectively) Fire Elemental to fight for you. Generally it attacks things you don’t like, but you need to speak it’s native tongue (Ignan) in order to do advanced things like tactics and specific targets
‘Grow’ causes it to turn into a Wall of Flame that deals damage only to creatures that pass through it.
‘Explode’ detonates the gem, centering a fireball on it’s position. (DC = 14 + C.L.)
Requires a number of rounds equal to the C.L. and dematerializes the gem (for the full 24 hrs.) immediately.

L.R. 1; True Name: C.L. 4; 8 rounds each day.
L.R. 2; Creator’s Name: C.L. 8; 16 rounds each day.
L.R. 3; Elemental’s Actual True Name and why it was bound: C.L. 12; 24 rounds each day.

If the statue runs out of duration, it disappears for 24 hr.s, after which it reappears in it’s owner’s possession. This also happens if the elemental is reduced to zero or fewer hit points, or the wall is completely dissipated. If the gem instead is commanded to revert, it can be picked up by anyone (thus changing it’s owner).
There is said to be a command that unbinds the elemental spirit with in. This effect summons the full strength Advanced Fire Elder Spirit, destroys the item, giving the elemental its freedom and will back (Only sometimes does the spirit respect the release-er and not burn them next).


This animate crystal statue is a small glossy fire elemental, burning slowly, as if encased in molasses. It has a warmth to it when touched and carefully regards anyone with yellow, smoldering eyes.

Created by binding elementals into magically prepared crystals, Kindlegems or Kindle[Element] Statues are often frowned upon by House Lephant as it is the enslavement of an intelligent life form. The fire aspect is only one such of these. Despite this, they were at one point fairly popular because they gave command of potent forces with minimal of training.

Flamekin Statue

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