Krezuel's Fiery Spatula (of doom!)

Dragon carved cooking device?!


While held, the rod generates a comfortable warmth. And if touched to any meat that has been seasoned (and is very dead, and not tainted/undead/whatever), the spatula can cook it to a desired wellness.

If they know the creators name and back story, they gain +1 CL to fire spells and fire abilities (flame oracle for example) while brandishing the rod.

Knowing how the item was made gives the holder a warm glow on the inside, and Cold Resistance 5.
Probably it’s most useful feature though, is it’s ability to actually shoot magical flame from it’s tip as cone of fire 1/day, CL = 2xLR. But they can only use this power if the wielder knows how Krezuel died and the next person to inherit his tool.


This large grill spatula’s grip is made of dragon ivory carved to look like a red horned dragon breathing the red tinged metal tines that serve as the head. The times are even shaped so as to look like fiery tongues.

Krezuel's Fiery Spatula (of doom!)

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