Fairie's Magic Hat

Red Fairie's Hat


The magic of this item is well known to be as chaotic and frivolous as the entity that gifted it. It’s most common property is for the wearer to reach into the hat after he or she has worn for about an hour or more and pull forth a item that has some magical effect. The act of pulling the object and ‘using’ it (however that may be) is a standard action. Inserting anything ‘real’ into the hat tip causes it to cease functioning, and reaching in without having the worn the hat results in the bottom being solidly there. The wearer of the hat does not become wet as long as she touches any part of the hat. Additionally, the wearer has the tendency to giggle manically after hearing crummy jokes.

The following table gives an idea of the effects the hat can create:
| D% | Effect |
| 01-05 | Flower; Cedar: + 1 Atk |
| 06-10 | Flower; Fennel: + 1 Dam |
| 11-15 | Flower; Dogwood: + 1 AC |
| 16-20 | Flower; Feverfew: + 1 Fort |
| 21-25 | Flower; Delphinium: + 1 Ref |
| 26-30 | Flower; Columbine: + 1 Will |
| 31-35 | Flower; Iris: + 1 Skill Checks |
| 36-40 | Flower; Witch Hazel: + 1 Caster Level |
| 41-50 | Flower; Cypress Fungi: – 1 to all D20 rolls |
| 51-60 | Flower; Irish Clover: Roll next D20 twice, take choice |
| 61-65 | Pull small animal out that fights for you as Bag of Tricks, gray |
| 66-69 | Prodded an angry animal, it bites you for 1 Bleed damage |
| 70-75 | Diamond: easily worth 10,00 gp. But is it real? |
| 76-79 | Flower; Kissing Holy: You become enamoured (charmed) to smooch the nearest humanoid you can see (no save) |
| 80-84 | Dung. Ew. Make a Fort save DC 16 + 1/2 level. Failure indicates you’re nauseated for 1d4+1 rounds, else you’re sickened for the same duration. |
| 85-89 | Pine Cone Bomb: Break from stick and throw. 5 ft. burst (C.L. + L.R.)D4 fire damage; Ref DC (10+1/2 lv. + L.R.) for half damage. |
| 90-94 | Good Berry! 1D4 berries cure 1d4+1 HP each |
| 95-98 | Random Druid or Nature spell on a bark scroll, probably written in Sylvan |
| 99-(1)00 | Magic Item-guaranteed not cursed, may disappear come sunrise. |

Any effects or objects drawn last for 1 minute before fading (this includes items to be used). It should be noted that the more ofter one draws from the hat, the less useful or good it becomes. For example, one may start to merely pull out mundane, useless trinkets, or find poisonous berries. Perhaps a handful of glitter that sticks itself to you. Or in an extreme case, a load stone!

As it is red, any Orgar who wears this with a matching set of similarly colored magic items gains a +5 ft. bonus to land speed.


This fine red hat has a slightly bent point and a wide, sloping brim. As such, it looks more suited for a dashing mage or fashionable sorceress. The deep color and satin lining make it incredibly comfortable, although the tip is a bit high despite the bend.

The item is gained by helping a fairy who fells that your current head situation is not epic or pretty enough. Sometimes this can come as a real bother to those who have now permanently lost their Gilded Helm of Might and Dragon Slaying, but usually it’s ‘to cover that horrid bald spot.’

Fairie's Magic Hat

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