Reforged lance

weapon (melee)

L.R. 0: MWK Lance
L.R. 1; Great Acheivment: +1 Magic Weapon
L.R. 2; True Name (Wardrin): +2 Magic Weapon
L.R. 3; Creator’s Name:
L.R. 4;


In the battle with Kilrog Deadeye, Mihrs’ lance was shattered. But the hilt was mostly intact and was easily recovered. When he returned to The Capitol it was taken by the church and reforged into a lance point. After the weapon was repaired it had a different feel to it, like it had gained something from the time it had spent on the battlefield. Before Mihr set out to hollow’s rest he was given the new lance, and told it was made from his old one. Being unable to hear its true name and having little imagination, Mihr took to calling it “eye poker” after what it had accomplished.

This lance is a bit of an oddity as it is the combination of two different weapons forged together. The point is longer, thinner, and even a little shorter that others, made for a larger variety of situations, it is painted a grey/white and left at that. It’s core is a lighter metal as well, preferring durability to the weight of strength. The hilt is all together a different affair. Crafted for the campaigns in the Northern Wastes against the Giants, it is a sturdy, heavy, piece that spares no time art or adornment, instead left unpainted with the hand groove already beginning to wear. The core is lead, a heavy weight to make sure one’s aim does waver on the charge, and the but is a large, unadorned knob that seems somewhat ungainly otherwise. But it was made to hit true, hard and fast. And that it did.


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