Belathon, Freedom's Lance

A white lance inlaid with gold

weapon (melee)

L.R. 0: MWK Lance
L.R. 1; True Name: +1 Lance
L.R. 2; Purpose: +2 Lance
L.R. 3; Creator’s Name: +2 Righteous Smiting Lance
L.R. 4; Creator’s Story: +3 Righteous Smiting Lance
L.R. 5; Pilgrimage to the tower: +3 Holy Righteous Smiting Lance that can cast freedom of movement of the bearer for up to ten non-consecutive rounds per day.


The lance is longer than normal, made for a taller rider and horse, but is also skinnier, somehow though it seems unlikely that it will break. It is painted white with golden filigree. On the guard are a pair of angel wings that give the whole thing a sense of lightness.

The story of Belathon:
You first recieved the lance for your service to the church in a ceremony with something along the lines: “This is Belathon, she has served our Goddess’s servants for many years, may she also shine on you.” At this point because you know it’s True Name and maybe it’s purpose it would function merely as a +1 Lance. This means it adds a +1 magic bonus to attack rolls with it, and +1 magic bonus to damage rolls with it.

Then after you carry it and use it to defeat a troll that was harassing caravans in the mountains, an angel may come to you in a dream. There she would talk with you about why you have set yourself on this path and eventually perhaps reveal more to you about the weapon you wield.
“Belathon was named after her creator’s desires. In the fields of flowers that looked out from the tower in which the crafter stayed, she could ever only spy one other being; a young girl who came to the flower fields almost everyday to pick a handful, probably for her table. The creator of that lance could not hope to know name of that little girl, stuck as she was in the tower. So she called her Belathon, to herself, and when she created this glorious relic, she named it Belathon too, so that it would share the all aspects that the little girl meant to her.”
While this may seem puzzling, it allowed you to connect Belathon on a greater level, now she functions as a +2 weapon, and you have a clue to seek out the next story. A tower surrounded by flowers where a crafter of beautiful items made this lance. And in rememberance of that love, you hang a flower chain around Belathon whenever you pass a fresh field.

Then one day when you return to the church, the high priest comes to you and asks you to walk with her. You talk about the good you have been doing and she praises you quietly. When she leaves you to attend to duties and you find yourself in the young one’s area, where you had spent many years. Turning to leave, you hear instruction coming from a nearby class room, and for some reason it catches your attention. Quietly you enter the class room and sit at the back. The priestess teaching history gives you a knowing smile and continues.
The lesson that day is on Saint Themera, a woman who was cursed at birth with crippled feet and scars on her body. Because of her disfigurement she was locked in tower on the prairie and she grew quite sad. The Goddess was along, admiring the lovely flowers when she heard Temera’s cries. Quickly she ascended to the tower and asked her what was the matter. Themera cried to her that she could not enjoy all the beauty the world had to offer because she was locked up here. And that she would never see true beauty because she herself was so ugly. But the Goddess said to her not to fret. While she may be one way on the outside, the inside could often hold quite the opposite. Themera did not understand so the Goddess could up some cloth and asked Themera to quilt her the prettiest flower she could imagine, not the ones outside that had holes and were burned or eaten by bugs, but a true flower, one of ultimate beauty.
Themera bent to her task gladly and very soon had made a gorgeous stitching that was so wondrous it seemed to come off the page. For this the Goddess blessed her and told her, “Now you see that true beauty resides on the inside and for that you are enlightened.”
From that day forth Themera created work of beauty that were without peer the region over and was happy.

After the lesson you thank the priestess and go to commune with your weapon. Now that you know how wondrous it truly is, and the creator’s story, the weapon responds to your touch. Occasionally you can touch it and feel the radiant beauty coming from it and use it to burn away hideous enemies, thus Belathon becomes a +2 Righteous Smiting Lance.

Finally, one day when you have done many great and valiant deeds, you come across a flower chain lying in the road. Dismounting to examine it, it suddenly strikes you that this is a map. The stems point the way the buds being town along the way. Feeling filled with purpose you ride your mount to the place the flowers pointed to, Belathon leading you ever so subtly the whole way. She too understands this is important.
After a long ride you arrive at the end of the road. All around you can see nothing but flower fields blowing gently in the wind. In the distance rises a tower. You approach and knock on the door. It is opened by a young boy. He invites you in and you see a relatively poor family living in the bottom rooms. You take supper with the family, and think you have seen the mother of the boy somewhere before. That evening, the boy comes to you and asks why you came. You explain that you are seeking the place of a wonderful creator and share your mission. His eyes light up and he takes your hand without a word. Quietly he leads you, and together you climb through the tower up through a secret door. At the top is a large room with a great window looking about on all the flowers.
“She was my great great aunt, don’t cher know,” says the boy.
You turn to look at him. “What happened to her?”
“She jumped.” He said it simply, like it’s obvious.
“Jumped?” You are shocked.
At that point the boy’s mother climbs up the trap door and smiles at you. “She did jump, but it was now to the ground. The Goddess called her up to her and so she jumped into her loving hands. It was the freedom she sought so much, and had earned. She earned it and more, for the beauty she brought to this world. Beauty like the lance your steed bears. Freedom earned through beauty.”
And it makes since, as the sun lowers itself behind the still waving flowers, you feel yourself fall to your knees and understand. ‘Freedom through beauty.’
That night you are visited by the angel again, and she is in the company of Themera herself. They bless you and your journey and smile at your understanding. You see how Themera is disfigured, but she is still beautiful, on the inside. “That’s Belathon’s daughter,” she says smiling, nodding towards the mother of the little boy. “I am happy to see them content.”
From that day on, when all seems at it’s worst, Belathon’s inner beauty shines through and you know you are free because of your own work at making the world a better place.
As such Belathon is now a +3 Righteous Smiting Lance that can cast freedom of movement on the bearer once per day for 10 rounds.

Belathon, Freedom's Lance

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