Tark Sonam

The arabic-egyptian trader from Malar


Tark Sonam

N M Human Monster Hunter 4
Init. +2

AC 16=10 + 4 (armor) + 2 (dex), touch 12, flat-footed 16
HP 30
Saves Fort: +5, Ref: +6, Will +0
+4 will vs mind effect spells

Speed 30 ft. (30 ft. base)
Punching Gauntlet +5 atk. (1D4 +2 x3)
Longbow Composite Str 2 Masterwork (2-handed) +5 atk, (1d8 + 2 x3])

Abilities: Str 14, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 19, Wis 8, Char 10
BAB +3; CMB +4; CMD 16
Feats: 1.Point Blank 2.Precise Shot 3. Rapid Shot

*Skills *
Acrobatics 7= 2 + 4 + 3 – 2(armor)
Appraise 9=4+1+4
Bluff 4=0+1+3
Diplomacy 4=0+1+3
Disable Device 9=2+4+3
Intimidate 4=0+1+3
Knowledge(arcana) 8=4+1+3
Knowledge(Dungeoneering 8=4+1+3
Perception 6=-1+4+3
Profession(merchant) 3=-1+1+3
Sense Motive 3=-1+1+3
Spellcraft 8=4+1+3
Stealth 6=2+3+3-2
Survival 5=-1+3+3

Languages: Merchant’s Tongue, Traveler’s Tongue, Old Rullue, Olifa, Urgal

20 Cold Iron Arrows (For killing those pesky fairies)
40ish Normal arrows
Adventure Pack
Chain Shirt
Magic Crow “Glint”
Masterwork Composite Longbow ( +2 str) ( +1 to hit)
Punching Gauntlet
Medallion of Awesomeness

Special Abilities
Child of the temple: +1 to religion/nobility(knowledge local)
religion is a class skill.
Merchant Child: +1 to appraise
(appraise is a class skill)

Skilled: + 1 Skill Point each level
+2 to 1 ability (this case int)
Bonus feat @ 1st

Monster Hunter
Type study (fey and Human) – Gain Dark Secret Bonuses against chosen types
Dark secrets: attack bonus; +5
+1 taint resist
Cool Demeanor:
Monster Lore: 8
Expert Trapsmith:


Tark Sonam is descended from the dark skinned, black haired, black eyed people
of Orlia, but does not com from those desert lands. Tark’s parents and their parents before them and in fact going back for almost 150 years have been made up of traders and Tark
always thought that would be his path as well. However fate took a different turn.
While staying behind in Malar with some settled relatives for schooling, his parents deemed necessary for his craft, Tark met a wood elf ranger who fascinated him. Alili Procun, a
member of House Xin. He undertook training with the excuse that it would come in useful if
any bandits raided his caravan and found that when it was time to return to the routes that he
felt what he started was unfinished. Alili suggested to him that he join The Green Cloakers
but still he hesitated, he was still too young anyway.
For some reason or other. Tark took to studying in the Capital where he took part in the religious ceremonies deemed necessary to worship his chosen deity, Razi. As well as the rest of the Pantheon. Need of money led him to fighting the pixie invasion whom he quickly developed a deep hatred for. Today he fights them wherever he can.

Tark Sonam is very hard to ignore, loud, racist(towards his favored prey) and foreign he makes for a very peculiar individual. Also sometimes he becomes peculiarly polite, and flattering but only to people he doesn’t regularly interact with. His trademark is his ability to somehow relate everything he knows to killing pixies.
“Pixies are small and therefor lack endurance and are the enemy of Moradin cause Moradin likes endurance.”
“Pixies are dishonorable creatures so Honerable Master Kensei could only approve of hunting them Right? Of course I’m right.”
“What’s the opposite of a barbarian? A pixie I tell you. Kor’s for barbarians and therefore against pixies.”
“Imagine a pixie trying to build a bridge. Something wrong with that picture? That’s right pixies are tiny with wings. They don’t need bridges. See even abstract concepts like engineering hate pixies.”


Tark Sonam

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