Princess Elina

The Tyrant of Alain


Princess Elina, Tyrant of Alain (Buffed)
LN medium F Human Archknight 8, Machkinist 8, Noble 3
Init: 24 | Senses: Blindsight 180 ft. Demonsight 180ft. low-light x4, Ethreal Sight, Detect Thoughts (DC 40), scent-less, illusion, detect magic (30 rushed spell craft)
Aura: Aura of Tranquility (1,000 ft.)DC 40, magic suppression DC 45 (when activated, 100 ft.)
AC 50; Touch 50; Flat-footed 50 Improved Uncanny Dodge, Trap Sense +5, Dodge, Swift Dodge
HP 344; 50 THP (8D8+14x8 + 8D8+14x8 + 3D6+14x3)
Fort: 40, Ref: +40, Will: +40 See Immunities
DR: 10/epic, 5/- Immunities: Mind-affecting, charm, compulsion, sleep, illusion, fire, cold, electricity, acid, negative energy, force, ability damage or drain, petrification, polymorph, petrification, poison, disease, teleportation, fear, nonlethal damage, disintegration.
Speed: 80 ft., swim 80 ft., fly 160 ft. fluid form
Melee| Touch of Providence: +40/
35/30 melee touch (10 ft. reach); Turned to ally or greater polymorphed (no save)
Ranged| Princess’s Wrath: 250ft. +40 ranged touch, up to five targets with in 100 ft. of each other; 50D6
50 fire, acid, cold, electricity, sonic, force damage, half of which is divine and cannot be reduced or negated in any manner.
Spell-like abilities
At will: Any Spell, Flame Strike, Divine Guidance, Lesser Miracle, Destiny, Heal, Mass CL 16
Spells: Archknight CL 19 6/6/6/6/6/6/6/6/5/4
Powers: Machkinist ML 19 Power Points: 290, wild augment 5 6/day
Str 33, Dex 36, Con 36, Int 49, Wis 42, Char 42
BAB: +13 CMB: +40, CMD 50 (
10 vs. Grapple, Trip, Bull Rush, throws, disarm, sunder, combat ploy)
Feats(worth noting): Master Arcanist (Archknight), Master Mentalist (Machkinist), combat reflexes, dodge, swift dodge, stand still, dodge, mobility, spring attack, fluid form, aerial attack, strafe, on wing tips, Quick Action, Quicken, Maximize, Enlarge, Extend, Heighten, Empower spell-like ability x10
Skills: Diplomacy: +50, Sense Motive: +50, Bluff: +0, Fly: +50, Perception +55, Spellcraft +50 all others +40
Languages: Truespeak, tongues
Deididic Shroud: At will as a free action, Princess may activate a her Deididic Shroud granting her the following benefits: Perfect Invisibility, Nondetection, silence, traceless, and through-form. This effect is supernatural and cannot be negated, stopped or countered.
Touch of Providence: A touch from the Tyrant can have any effect she chooses. The most common being greater polymorph, removable only by herself, but also includes disintegrate, non-existence, greater charm, or Force Destiny. It can also include such benefits as immortality or spell-form.
Aura of Tranquility: Any creature that enters the area, even if they are mindless or immune mind-affecting effects, must make a will save. Failure results in them being pledged to the Princess for a day or until released. Success causes them to become charmed and non-violent for just as long.
Magic Suppression This potent field, activated at will as no action, by choice, and even by specific instance negates and fully counters all magical, supernatural, and extraordinary effects with in the area or that come with in the area if they originated outside it. She may make the appropriate check to identify caster, intent, etc of the ability before choosing whether or not to counter it.


see The Tyrant in the wiki.

Princess Elina

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