Phelan Stouthammer

Dwarven Cleric of War


Phelan Stouthammer
CG M Dwarf Cleric 4 (War)


Public Background
Phelan Stouthammer is a well versed dwarven battle-priest of Kor whose time on the surface, while limited, has been full of conflict. His prowess though, has earned him respect from the church, and he has joined with The Green Cloakers to continue his search. For what, few have asked, and even fewer have learned the answer.

Usually silent, Phelan explodes in combat unleashing waves of physical prowess drawn from his dedication and ideals of a True Self that is strong in all areas and can conquer any challange put before him. To be brutally honest, the nit-picking of politics and nobility bore him immensely.


Phelan Stouthammer

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