Leena Silverlinx

Witch and wise woman of Hollow's Rest


Leena Sliverlinx CG F Human (spirit touched) Witch 8
1. Cure Light Wounds, Delay Poison, Summons (+8), Hide from Undead/Plants/Abberants/Spirits, Detect (same), Magic Weapon, Bless
2. Stat Boosters, Cure Mod, Prayer, Stoof,
3. More stoof, etc.

I’m making real stats for her evantually, but they’re on hold for a bit.


As town protector and wise woman, Leena takes her job very seriously and would not consider any threat against the woods or it’s inhabitants lightly. She fully recognizes her limited powers and does not mind aiding the PCs towards her ends.
In conversation she is mysterious and rarely to the point, preferring to shroud directness in a coil of observations left to be interpreted and understood. I imagine her very much like Tia Dalma the island witch from Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World’s End.
Her hut is a good distance out into the deeper part of the woods. ‘Over the bridge, right at Turn Pike, and past the skulls,’ as Gently would put it. It is set at the back of a deep thicket and uses two convenient trees to support large animal skins and heavy cloths as walls.

Leena Silverlinx

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