Old Man Jules

The remaining Green Cloaker in Hollow's Rest


Old Man Jules
NG M Human Ranger 6 (retired)


Jules’ life has been made up him trying to live a peaceful, happy, uneventful life that is constantly being thrown into danger and circumstantial chaos as horrible events unfold around him.
When he was young, Orgars raided the village and took his mother after slaying his father. During his teens he lived in a multitude of cities and towns until fire, famine, violence drove him out. He joined the Green Cloakers out here hoping for some rest and found it, for a while. That was a happy time. It ended all too soon though. It’s been three years now and he hopes that he can live now as a farmer near Hollow’s Rest. It seems like that is not to be the case though.

An entire life of denial, of running away. Tragedy after tragedy. He is young, only 30 or so, but his hair is gray, his skin disheveled, his eyes wary and hunted.
Often these features are quite disturbing to people who meet him the first time.
“The memories are not what hurt, they are behind me. It is the present, the future, with it’s promises of more pain that worries me.”

Old Man Jules

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