Hollow's Rest odd-job man and helpful guy


Jorran LG M Human Expert 4
HP 20
AC 14 FF: 12 Touch 12
Atk: +4 basic melee; 1D6 +3 blud.
CMB: +4 CMD: 16
Craft (wood [statues for stories]) +8, know (local) +6, survival +4 percep +4


Jorran has lived here for only a year, but he cares greatly for it’s people and has done much for their benefit since arriving. If anything were to permanently happen to Leena Silverlinx, there is little doubt in anyone’s mind that he would claim command as spokesperson of the town.
As it is, he in charge whenever Leena is away.
He tries to be helpful within his limited means and is often one of the first people to know of an issue in town or he discovers it himself as he spends much time patrolling the woods directly around the town, although not near as deep as Leena goes.


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