Green Cloakers of Hollow's Rest

Welcome to Hollow's Rest - Day 2

Well, that was interesting

In which the party…

  • Made it to Hollow’s Rest after an eventful evening in a poorly kept campsite.
  • The night included me sleepwalking on multiple occasion, damn pictsties. – Tark
  • …And magical green Fairie Fire that only burns non-living things like armor.
  • I had to break his knee to wake him. -Phelan
  • Did not find Brootbeer at Gently’s, instead was given Beer of Root, Kashlet. I am disapointed. – Raizel
  • Lute was given a single note before the party was left Colmen.
  • Met Orlan Redfoot “Gently” and discussed the location of a Green Cloaker Lodge (never heard of it) and Leena (off doing her work, she can be gone for days at a time).
    Also almost tried to start a bar fight, but that was quickly put down by Gently and his ‘on deck’ club.
  • Ran into Jorran the woodsman and self proclaimed ‘defender’ of Hollow’s Rest. He’s been trying to hold off a kolbold threat, but so far hasn’t even seen one of the buggers.
  • Couldn’t find any of my contacts friends. – Mirh

Quote of the game: “Where are going,” asked the paladin of the High Elf early one morning. “None of your business, F*** nut.” Replied the soon to be raging, coffee-less elf.



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