Green Cloakers of Hollow's Rest

The Kolbold Tribes Part I - Day 03

"That's a lot of Kolbolds"

In which the player’s:

  • Failed to fine Leena and an ever elusive ‘ledge’ (perhaps he meant Lodge) – Tark
  • Tricked the Kolbolds into thinking they had kidnapped their princess, but he forgot the crown on the picture, so it mostly failed
  • Many kolbolds were bombed into fiery remains, and many kills were claimed by all members
  • Awoke the rest of the Kolbold tribe and decided that tactically wise choice was a strategic withdrawal for now.
  • Made Jake realize he needs more story and better guidance
  • Realized that something more besides a frontal assault is needed to defeat all of these monsters.

Quote of the Night: “Their princess is in another castle, I mean Lodge!” – Attributed to Mihr.


post the kill count

The Kolbold Tribes Part I - Day 03

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