Green Cloakers of Hollow's Rest

Recovery & Preparation - Day 05

Stories and more

In which the party….

  • Returned to town, battered and weary, but had a hearty meal at Gently’s
  • Told the story of the great dragon and their heroically narrow escape.
  • Told the small owl that has been appearing every night Mihr’s name. It seemed satisfied with that. -Tark
  • Got gutted by a glowing kolbold sword. -Tark
  • Were outmaneuvered in close combat by a band of enemies which included fearsome Crimson Fang casters. – Mihr
  • Didn’t quite get drunk, went to sleep. – Phellan
  • Participated in the King’s Trawling, a spiritual ceremony asking the protector spirit of the town, The Pumpkin King, for strength, protection and spirit for the upcoming challenge.
  • Met Madelin, a young girl with a haunting beauty and a troubled past.
  • Mastered my fear of an opposing Court’s creature in order to complete my mission. Additionally, discovered I can create permanent healing potions for myself and those I deem worthy. – Raizel

Quote of the Game: “So wait, Let me get this straight – you didn’t kill the dragon?"
-Incredulous villager. (point for the GM!)



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