Green Cloakers of Hollow's Rest

The Hunt for Magister - Day 09


In which the party…

  • Explored the Magister’s tower for clues as to his disappearance.
  • Got teleported to an unknown dungeon complex in an attempt to find the Aither.
  • Solved a whole bunch of puzzles. -Mihr
  • Noted they were fairly simple and logic based one too. – Raizel
  • Pet the ‘kitty’ belonging to the Aither – Phellan
  • Found a Magic Marker. -Raizel
  • Met Magus Orum, Master Aither, and member of the Collegium.
  • Played a gambling game of portals with ancient technology – Tark
  • Ended up setting off what we think is akin to a prison cell block alarm system…what will happen next?!

*(Worked on my silly English paper and abandoned the group, again – Boney; who is getting a rough treatment for no reason)

Quote of the week:
“Give me back my marker, please."
-Holy cow thee high and mighty Elf said please!



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