Green Cloakers of Hollow's Rest

Playing with your Treasure - Day 07

Cold! Wet! COLD!

Hey all, relatively short night due to starting late and what not, but we’ll fill it in.

In which our treasure seekers:

  • Decided to loot the dragon’s cave for the hoard!
  • Fought the remaining Crimson Kolbold guards in a dimly lit room rigged with exploding brazier traps.
  • Practiced Dwarven Swimming while beating the snot out of a shark who bit off more than he could chew. – Phellan
  • Got hit by a Lightning Bolt our ‘Trap Master,’ Tark, set off. – Raizel and Mihr
  • Discovered the kitchen and practice magic room and then returned to the dragon’s personal cave.
  • I missed the ice! -Raizel
  • After we jumped into the freezing water after, the elf swam away from us. -Tark
  • Figuring she was bound to drown, I administered last rites then and there, while she was still alive. -Mihr
  • I successfully drank my potion of Touch of the Sea underwater! What an accomplishment. -Raizel
  • (Who knew basic water hazards could be so deadly? -Jake)
  • After all that mess they made it to into the treasure room where they were treated to fabulous arts made of ice and a great, evil, magical mirror. As well as the captivated form of a frozen high elf that melted as soon as Mihr breathed on. Oh and a mystical treausre box that eats stuff and re-sizes to accommodate.
  • While the treasure was welcome, the questions raised by it and other facts still remain…

Quote of the week:
“Slugs have no cunts.”
-Freudian slip on my part, as told by Barry the Dwarf Blacksmith (point for the GM I guess)
(Slugs = a type of nail; shunts [not cunts]: the groove between head and the shaft of the nail)



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