Green Cloakers of Hollow's Rest

The Crimson Kolbolds Attack! - Day 06

"We would like to nego-eeyaargh~!.."

In which the PC’s

  • Slayed the Dragon, Kryzul. He was pretty much a push over, like most egotistical men. – Raizel
  • Prevented negotiations between the Kolbold’s preacher and the party. They ought to be thanking me. -Tark
  • Invented Dwarven Epic Break Dance Fighting by kicking a kolbold in the face, then hammering his foot to the ground. – Phellan
  • Got roaring drunk in celebration.
  • Got appointed as cleric of Hollow’s Rest until a new priest arrives. – Phellan
  • Gave the sword of the kolbold that gutted me to the boy who lost his father to the kolbolds (Am I trying to make a monster? I don’t know). – Tark
  • Failed to hit on Mia, _ Tark again.
  • Witnessed Gently’s famous Deckin’ Time and know I will never tussle with him. – Mihr.
  • Respectfully buried Father Dowry, the old priest of Hollow’s Rest.
  • Met Elpion, the Guidance of Hollow’s Rest, a six wing angel Father Dowry used the last of his life force to summon in order to aid defeating the kolbolds.
  • Snagged the amulet from the beast while few were looking. (Although the bird didn’t want it…) – Tark
  • Began the necessary process of cleaning the dragon and preparing it for harvesting. Uncaring of the strange eldritch-shaped bruise on it’s back. -Raizel

All in all, it has been a grand day. With the help of the Pumpkin King, the dragon has been slain and the day is promising. The majority of the Crimson Fang Kolbolds have been slain and their are promises of treasure to be had!

Quotes from this week are old enough to not be particularly well remembered…

And it all goes to show; occasionally, we all need a little help to overcome the challenges set before us.



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