Green Cloakers of Hollow's Rest

The Kolbold Tribes Part II, and a Dragon! - Day 04

Nice dragon dragon...

In which the PCs:

  • Mopped up the vanguard of the Crimson Claws including poor, crazy Wok, and an unfortunate Big Cloak who’s crossbow couldn’t hit a thing.
  • Got infected, it hurts! -Tark
  • Found a secret entrance to what turned out to be the white dragon’s lair, the seeming ruler of the Crimson Fangs.
  • Successfully did not get eaten by said dragon, although it was clearly toying with us. – Mihr
  • Took out a huge chunk of kolbolds by setting off a couple of their petards with a well placed bomb. Big explosions that roll 36 dice damage are fun!~Raizel
  • Stole the kill of the kolbold warrior Wok from Mihr by shoving the creature down the cliff he had just finished climbing – Phellan

On a sadder note, we have lost our bard to a high workload. That leaves us four players, but I think we shall persevere. If we lose another, we’ll look for a replacement, and consider moving time/location again… (anything for a game)
Also: some one poke me at the begining of next game to update the [[Kill Kount.]]

Quote of the Night: “Alright, what do we do now, Fearless Leader?” ~Phellan


Or bloody stupid. It has often been mistaken for courage…


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