Green Cloakers of Hollow's Rest

So many Portals, so much Time Day 10

Who exists? What's Existence! Just dance!

In which the slightly disheveled players:

  • Fought off a wave of the Ancient One’s defenders; strange living constructs, a mix of metal and flesh brought to life by powerful magics.
  • I caught one in my kitty! – Raizel
  • Explored various other portals including a dank cave like one. – Tark
  • Got stuck in a an ancient burial chamber of Worshipers of Beliathal demon worshipers. Interesting how well they were preserved and the fact that they had no heads…
  • Escaped by dancing for a Fifeling name Jorgal, who’s music will haunt for many days. – Mihr (do doo doo doo do, do do doo doo do doooooo. Doo dee doo, do do, do do doo, dee~do.)
  • Also, where has the Aither heard that tune before?
  • Leapt into the Ancient One’s vault. It was on another Land of existence where the very question of whether or not anything exists is brought to bear. Through strange use of focusing on being somewhere, we were able to retrieve that which we sought: A fiery kindle-gem. – Tark
  • I somehow came into possession of a large number of the magic markers I found earlier. -Raizel
  • Upon returning to the main room, we were shocked to find almost a week had passed for the Aither. How long has passed back on the main plane?
  • Thankfully the Aither had the time to discover the portal home.
  • As he activated it though, there was a great fluctuation of energy, and the main portal opened. From it flowed a heather of unlife, uncreation, and unlife, worse than any demon or devil or even abberant creature, it’s existence was to end existence. And we just let it out.
  • Needles to say, we got out fast, but not before it’s presence had marked us, warped us with it’s unnatural being.

The questions remain:

What was that?
Where are we?
What do we do now?
Where’s MY KITTY!~?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ ~
Quote of the week:
“This doesn’t leave the cave.” Mihr to Tark as they take up dancing to the Fifeling’s haunting tune, dubbed appropriately ‘The Devil’s Jig’



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