Green Cloakers of Hollow's Rest

A Whimsical Wandering - Day 08

What shall we do today?

In which our heroes:

  • Slept in after their frigid adventures and had cold shark (crisped nicely) for breakfast.
  • Bonded with the chest we found – It’s name is Kitty – while the idiots took turns dunking themselves in the water. -Raizel
  • Scrounged up some supplies from the remains of the kolbold camp. -Tark
  • After checking back in town, when out looking for trouble, and found it the form of a couple Graks and their new friend, the Nothic. It hurt. -Mihr.
  • I got all the kills again! – Tark
  • -and set some rabbit traps. They haven’t caught anything yet though…
  • I slept and worked on the dragon. – Raizel
  • That evening the villagers held their weekly community dinner a night later so the PCs could be present. It involved story telling (STEVE! PUT UP YOUR RENDITION), shadow puppets, dancing and a drinking contest!
  • Phellan won that by at least two drinks, so he didn’t have to clean up or pay.
  • Repaired the idiots’ hammer and armor. -Phellan
  • Caught the owl that has been haunting Mihr. Turns out it was a little Bloodhunt Owl. It was previously dominated but the effect was broken by the morning sun. Apparently it can talk, unique for it’s species. It eats brains -preferably vole or rabbit. But before the effect was lifted, it asked his name again, and he could not lie to it.
  • Just as the group is getting done with cleaning up breakfast and last night’s festivities, Mia, the church acolyte and wizard’s apprentice, rushed in and pleaded for their assistance.
    Magus Orum has disappeared!

Also let it be known that Keith, player of Boney, was present and working on his background although his battery died.

Quote of the evening:
“The Goddess smiles upon you and you feel touched.”
-Narrator to Mihr, the ever guttered brained paladin (Point for Jakey!)



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