What troubles the town of Hollow’s Rest?

A small peaceful town on the western edge of Alain, Hollow’s Rest has had a noticeable increase in monster activity recently and has sent word to The Capital requesting help.
The PC’s, all willing but fairly new members of the Green Cloakers, hope to be the answer to their problems.
But as always, common issues veil darker and far more sinister threats. Threats that could destroy or consume the whole empire, and perhaps the Land its self. Come with us on a journey of discovery as the heroes race towards victory for the good of all humanoid-kind.

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The Mission Thus far…

The party has been tasked by Captain Jack Steel to go to Hollow’s Rest due to short recruitment and ‘increased levels of monster activity.’

After arriving in town and finding little to no help nor the Green Cloaker Lodge, they were asked by Jorran to help with the growing threat of Kolbold war bands in the area. Thus they have found and slain many Crimson Claws as well as their powerful leader, Lord Kryzul.
After being teleported to a strange complex in the search of Magus Orum, the heroes accidentally released a foul terrible thing of such horridness it’s prescence defies reality.

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Green Cloakers of Hollow's Rest

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